About Me

I was born and raised in central Pennsylvania, and have been drawing ever since I can remember. I grew up watching “The Wonderful World of Disney” on Sunday nights, going to the re-issues of the classic Disney animated features in the theater, and dreaming and hoping that one day, I too could be a Disney animator. After attending Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, I began my animation career at small studios in Pittsburgh, and then later in Minneapolis, doing commercials. In late 1989, I arrived in California to begin work in the feature animation business, working for Don Bluth. Following work on 2 features, I went to Warner Bros., working on special projects and a Bugs Bunny theatrical short.

My original dream was realized when I was hired by Disney Feature Animation in 1994 to work on “Pocahontas.” That began a little more than 9 year period of working there, and getting screen credit on 11 feature films. Since then, I have had the great privilege of working for some of the major animation studios in the business, including Warner Bros.(again), DreamWorks, Universal, (and Fox and Sony through satellite studios). I have had some training in Maya (computer animation), but still love traditional, hand drawn animation since it combines the best of what I enjoy doing the most—drawing and making it come to life!

-- Bill Waldman